India street, Blue Plaza Building, 6th Floor
Dar es Salaam

VisionFund Tanzania is owned by VisionFund International, World Vision’s microfinance subsidiary. VisionFund International is differentiated by its integrated approach in working with World Vision’s community-based development efforts to address rural poverty. 

VisionFund Tanzania (VFT) is currently the fourth largest and the most rapidly growing Microfinance Institution (MFI) in Tanzania. It also has the highest quality portfolio, some of the most efficient operations (second lowest cost per borrower) and is solidly self-sustainable. VisionFund Tanzania is further characterised by a strong reputation in the marketplace for integrity and client care, as well as the quality of its board and senior management. 
To enable VFT to scale substantially in the areas of greatest need and have a greater future impact, we are: 

Converting to a regulated deposit-taking institution so that it can encourage a “save first and always, and borrow only judiciously and for investment” ethos, and serve the huge demand among those of low income for a safe place to save for a more secure future. 
Refocusing and increasing service penetration in the under-served rural areas where the need is greatest and the availability of financial services is low. 

Developing an organisation-wide innovative tablet-based platform that will enable faster, more efficient and more fraud resistant delivery of mass customised products. This initiative will also drive down administrative costs, allowing us to effectively target financially unreached groups in rural communities. 

Developing training in the areas of financial literacy, business basics and Judeo-Christian values. 

Technology plays a big part of how we reach and service our clients. VFT recently upgraded to the latest version of Temenos T24 Community Banking platform. By upgrading, VFT will enable a more seamless integration with the tablet-based platform, which will lend itself to efficiencies for our clients.