Tanzania Communication Regulator Authority (TCRA)

Tanzania Communication Regulator Authority (TCRA)
Mawasiliano Towers, 20 Sam Nujoma Road
Dar es salaam Dar es Salaam

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is a quasi-independent government body responsible for regulating the communications and broadcasting sectors. It was established under the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Act no. 12 of 2003 to regulate the electronic communications, and postal services, and management of the national frequency spectrum in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Authority became operational in November 2003 and effectively took over the functions of the now defunct Tanzania Communications Commission and Tanzania Broadcasting Commission, respectively.

Strategic goal

To enhance the welfare of Tanzanians through an effective and efficient regulatory framework that ensures universal access to communications.


To be a world-class regulator, creating a level playing field among communication service providers and promoting accessible and affordable services to consumers in Tanzania.


To develop an effective and efficient communications regulatory framework, promote efficiency among the communications service providers, and protect consumer interests with an objective of contributing to socio-economic and technological development in the United Republic of Tanzania.