Dough Works Ltd

Dough Works Ltd
Plot 12, Gamshed Circle Road, Mikocheni A
Dar es salaam Dar es Salaam
+255 22 2701366

Dough Works Limited (“DWL”) is the franchise holder of Pizza Hut in Tanzania, a global Quick Service Restaurant (“QSR”) chain. DWL currently operates 5 stores in Dar-es-Salaam. In order to take advantage of the growing consumption in Tanzania and the appeal of global brands like Pizza Hut, DWL plans to open additional stores, not only in Dar but also in other main towns in Tanzania. In addition, DWL will seek to add more international brands under its portfolio.

Kibo’s investment will be used to fund the capita expenditure required to open the additional stores. Kibo will also play a major role in improving the corporate governance structures in the company to support the envisaged growth.